At CCMC, we are constantly striving to provide important services to you. We are continuing to make available direct debit, electronic checks and credit card options for ease in payment of assessments. Whichever method you choose be very certain that your account number is included so that proper application of your payment can be made. Payment options include credit/debit card, regular check, E-check, direct debit (ACH) and bill pay.
  • Assessments at Silos are currently $725 annually, billed quarterly at $181.25.
  • Direct Debit Request forms are available in the office or download it in the Document Library to fill out and turn in to HOA staff.
  • To learn what assessments are used for, please download the 2021 Silos All About Assessments Guide located in the Document Library.
  • To learn what assessments are collected and how they are spent, all Silos financials can be viewed on the Financials page for registered residents (must be fully closed on home for access.)
  • If you are due to pay your assessments this quarter, a notice should have been sent to you in the mail with your homeowner account number on it.
  • If you have recently moved in, you most likely will not owe assessments this quarter. It typically takes 6-10 weeks after closing for a homeowner account number to be assigned to you. Check your closing documents to see if a prorated amount of assessments was added to your closing costs.
  • For the ways in which you can pay your quarterly assessments, or for more information on what assessments are used for, please visit the links below.
  • As a reminder, non-payment of assessments can result in loss of amenities privileges.
  • From time to time, Special Assessments may be rendered, at the discretion of the Board, for unanticipated coverages for unexpected events or incidents.
If you have any assessment related questions or concerns, please email Perry McLaurin, Community Manager, at
In Person:
Checks or money orders may be brought to the Silos Farmhouse Amenity Center during business hours and given to the Community Manager, or left in the dropbox outside the front door after business hours.

Please make sure checks/money orders are addressed to Silos Community Association, and include your CURRENT Silos address.
Electronic Checks & Credit/Debit Card Payments:
In order to use either of these two services:
  • You will need your account number, printed on the paper bill you receive in the mail.
  • Please visit
  • Select "Make a Payment."
  • Choose your Payment Option:
    • Create An Account
    • Make a One-Time Payment
    • Login
To Pay by Check/Mail-In:
Make checks payable to:
Silos Community Association
PO Box 105515
Atlanta, GA 30348-5515
To Pay by Direct Debit:
We continue to make the direct-debit payment option available at no charge. If you are set up for direct-debit and your assessment rate changes, the new amount will automatically be deducted. Direct Debit Forms can be downloaded from the document library here.

Bill-Payment Services:
If you are using a bill-payment service please review your account number and remittance address. Many bill-payment services remit electronically and the correct account number is essential for proper posting. If your assessment rate changes in the future, you must also update your bill-payment processor.