Ben Junot
Lifestyle Director
Hailing from Louisiana, Ben Junot's deep Southern values and loving familial relationships shape his perception of community. As the Lifestyle Director at Silos, he aims to foster an environment of genuine caring and a sense of being part of one large family among homeowners. "Since you can't have a family without connection, making sure Silos maintains active opportunities to connect homeowners with one another and as part of the greater San Antonio community is going to be a large part of what I'd like to bring to the table," Ben said, specifically noting a focus on culture, values and connectivity. "My personal philosophy with regard to event planning is, 'Don't give people what they want; give them what they don't know they want yet."
Ben's resume includes a diverse array of activity, including event planning, radio promotion, conference organization and location scouting. Among the interesting highlights of his career, he cites hanging acrobats from the ceiling, wrangling flying bats, coordinating a cross-country drive for a 15-foot-long animatronic dinosaur and coaxing a CNN news correspondent into a group circle on a dancefloor to Madonna's "Vogue."
Outside of work, Ben enjoys karaoke, crafting and playing games with friends and family. As much as he loves sharing the interesting stories of his past, he equally enjoys hearing others' tales, as well. He wants the residents of Silos to know they can count on him to be to go-to guy for a warm hug, a good laugh and a lot of fun!