Welcome, new homeowners!
You did it! You made a monumental and important choice to be part of the Silos family, and we couldn't be more excited for you to join with us in this new adventure. You have chosen to help start not just a neighborhood, but a living, thriving community of interconnected residents.

Please see below for helpful links to get started into moving into your new home:
If you have questions that aren't answered below, please check the FAQ page and the Document Library.
To Set Up Trash Service:
The Silos Community Association  Board/Silos has an exclusive community contract with Republic for our waste management - no other trash collection agencies are permitted.  Residents will need to contact Republic below for setup.  Residents are responsible for payment directly to Republic.  Waste management for residences are not covered under HOA assessments.

Email to get set up:
Trash and recycling collection for Silos is on Fridays.  Trash cans may not be placed out before 6PM on Thursdays, and will need to be stored away out of view from the street after collection.

Mail Keys
The HOA staff nor Lennar is not involved in the process of obtaining your mail keys.
To obtain your mailbox keys, you will need to bring your closing paperwork/proof of address to the post office located at the address below.   You will need to fill out the Mail Key Request Form to obtain your keys.  
Typically, your mail carrier will deliver your keys to your home once they receive the form.  They may possibly leave it under your doomat, in your door jam, etc., if you are not home.
Please note, it may take up to 4 weeks to receive your mailbox keys, as the locksmiths at the post office are often behind in changing the locks.  This means you may have to physically go to the post office to retrieve your mail for a time.
702 Richland Hills Dr, San Antonio, TX 78245
Monday    8AM–5:30PM
Tuesday    8AM–5:30PM
Wednesday    8AM–5:30PM
Thursday    8AM–5:30PM
Friday    8AM–5:30PM
Saturday    8AM–1PM
Sunday    Closed
(800) 275-8777
(877) 910-0501
(833) 267-6094
San Antonio Water System
(210) 704-7279
CPS Energy
(210) 353-2222

Warranty Issues/Concerns:
If you have an issue with your home construction it is best to put in a ticket on the Lennar resident portal at  Construction concerns are handled by Lennar and creating a ticket will help establish a paper trail.

HOA Concerns: