Please read the below prior to requesting a rental date.
  • Please read the Silos Facilities Rental Agreement prior to requesting a rental date.
  • Rentals are for Silos Residents and their guests only. Residents must be present for the entirety of their rental.
  • Residents must be in good standing with the HOA, including all assessments and fines being up to date, or rentals will not be granted.
  • The pool area CANNOT be used during a rental for any circumstance.
Private Event Rental Options
Gathering Room
  • 5 Hour Rental (including setup/takedown time)
  • Gathering room rentals are limited to 5 hours to allow for the potential of two rentals in one day.  In fairness to all residents, we will not extend rental times under any circumstance (including entertaining offers to pay for extra time.)
  • As a courtesy, the back door to the Gathering Room will be programmed to unlock 15 minutes before your start time.
  • Please instruct guests that the front door will be locked if your party is outside of business hours (9-5, M-F)
  • Limit 60 Total Attendees
  • $150 Rental Fee
  • $150 Refundable Deposit (per the conditions in the Facilities Rental Agreement)
  • 60 black folding chairs
  • 10 black 6-foot folding tables
    • Tables are 30W x 72L x 30H.  If you are purchasing table linens and would like a full drop to the floor, you will need 90 x 132.
  • 3 bar-height rolling workstations/counters/bars with 8 stools
  • 8 swivel barstools
  • Two flat screen TV's
  • Kitchenette with oven, microwave, ice machine
    • Refrigerator is locked during rentals - renters will need to bring a cooler cold items
  • Access to back porch & playground (these areas are open to all residents at all times and may not be reserved)
  • Gathering Room Diagram
Rental Process
  • We will check to see if your requested date/time is available. 
  • Please note:  Fridays and Saturdays are the most frequently scheduled days for community Lifestyle Events, which take priority, and may not be available.  
    • Due to the changing nature of community Lifestyle events, we may not be able to process a rental request for a Friday or Saturday if the request is over two months out from the requested event date.
  • If your requested date/time is available:
    • We will email you back to let you know either way.
    • If your time slot is available, we will send a calendar invite.  The calendar invite does not hold your date.  Only full payment and the signed Rental Agreement hold your date.
    • Once full payment is made, you will be emailed the Facilities Rental Agreement via Docusign.
  • Requested dates/times are not guaranteed.
  • Rentals may not go past 10PM - the latest start time for a 5 hour rental is 5PM.  All guests must vacate the Farmhouse by 10PM.
  • If a rental for a particular date/time has been requested but not fully paid, and another resident requests the same date/time, we will give the original requestor 48 hours to make payment before the date is opened up to the second requestor.  After the 48 hours, whomever fully pays and signs paperwork first will get the requested date.
  • Rental dates on Fridays and Saturdays may not be considered more than two months out, depending on Lifestyle Programs Events, which take precedence over rentals.  Lifestyle Program dates are subject to change.
  • As Saturday and Sundays are our most requested times, in order to hold two rentals in one day: 
    • If a resident requests an open Saturday or Sunday, they must choose:  9AM-2PM, 10AM-3PM or 11AM-4PM for a daytime event, OR 4PM-9PM or 5PM-10PM for a night event.
    • Whomever requests the date first will get first choice, and will dictate the other open time slot for the 2nd request.
    • There must be a minimum of 1 hour between rentals.
  • To pay by check:
    • Please make one check out to Silos Community Association in the amount of $150 for your rental.
    • Please make one check out ot Silos Community Association in the amount of $150 for your deposit.
    • Please include your name, rental date, current Silos address, and what each check is for.
  • To pay by money order:
    • Please make one money order out to Silos Community Association in the amount of $150 for your rental.  Include your name, rental date, current Silos address, and mark it as the rental fee.
    • Please make one money order out in the amount of $150 for your deposit.  Please leave the deposit money order blank so that we may return it to you to cash out.  If you fill this money order out, we will have to deposit it to our corporate office, and it takes a while to process refunds, which is why we have you leave it blank.
  • Your date/time will not be secured until the Facilities Rental Agreement is signed and both checks received.
  • Rental payments may be left in the dropbox outside the front door of the Farmhouse Amenity Center 24/7.  Please make sure payments are marked accordingly.
Post Event
After your event, if the facilities have been returned to their rightful state per the instructions left by staff and in the Facilities Rental Agreement, the $150 deposit will be refunded.